Mapei Marine


A line of products and solutions dedicated to the shipbuilding industry originating from the wealth of experience acquired by MAPEI over the last 80 years in a multitude of sectors within the construction industry.

The shipbuilding industry has evolved significantly over the last few decades due to the constant development and progress in construction technology and the continuous research work carried out on materials. An innovative process that encompasses cargo ships, vessels for military use and cruise liners, as well as pleasure boats and ocean-going yachts.

And on top of the consolidated requirements regarding durability and resistance to aggressive atmospheric and environmental agents, or wear caused by the movement of high volumes of passengers and cargo, a new set of requirements also has to be taken into consideration. The need to offer rooms and spaces with increasingly high levels of comfort and liveability acts as a stimulus for more research to develop new solutions, materials and finishes that combine aesthetics and functionality. The requirements in terms of health and safety and hygiene that must be guaranteed for a ship’s passengers are also becoming increasingly stringent.



And the answer to these new requirements is MAPEI MARINE: solutions and products developed through a process of research, conducted in the name of sustainability and attention to mankind and the environment, which integrate in perfect synergy to provide a truly complete system that guarantees: certified quality, excellent performance characteristics, functionality, reliability, long-lasting durability, ease of use and simple application.




Mapei proposes a host of solutions
suitable for application in every area
of a boat or ship. From public areas
to swimming pools, passenger cabins
and external bridge decks.

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